LAFC 2022 MLS Cup Championship Rings Revealed

2022 MLS Cup Championship Rings
Baron | LAFC

Take a detailed look at the LAFC 2022 MLS Cup Championship rings

In a celebrative pregame ceremony at BMO Stadium, the Black and Gold received their LAFC 2022 MLS Cup Championship rings. The players from the 2022 MLS season received unique diamond encrusted rings made in collaboration with Baron Championship Rings.

The stunning 10-karat white and yellow gold LAFC 2022 MLS Cup Championship Rings were developed in a collaborative effort between both LAFC and Baron, and were created using cutting-edge industry technology. It holds several layers and complex embellishments, including the first ever M:S “on brand” black obsidian coating on the ring’s yellow gold base.

Thanks to Baron, fans now have the chance to celebrate the 2022 MLS Cup and own a piece of history. These exquisite products were meticulously created after the players’ championship rings. Customers may browse and purchase a variety of pendants, rings, and display cases at

Baron | LAFC

The ring’s unique design honors LAFC’s historic first MLS championship and features numerous design elements, as detailed below:

  • LAFC 2022 MLS Cup Championship Rings
  • LAFC’s LA mark showcased with 67 white diamonds on the bezel, representing LAFC’s total regular season points and resulting in the Supporters’ Shield.
  • The ring’s crown is encrusted with 128 black diamonds in homage to Gareth Bale’s equalizer in the 128th minute of extra time in the 2022 MLS Cup Championship
  • 78 white diamonds to celebrate the number of goals scored during LAFC’s championship season.
  • Opposite ring shoulders showcase MLS Cup and Supporters’ Shield trophies with white diamonds. The ring’s right shoulder displays the player’s name and number along with the year of the championship.
  • Engravings within the inside of the ring feature final scores of all three wins in LAFC’s MLS Cup Playoff matches.
  • “Forza Mo” and the infinity symbol within the inner shank pay homage to Maurice Facio, the founding member and former VP of the 3252 Independent Supporters Union.
  • Outer shank features monochromatic engraving of the LAFC’s rally cry “For Los Angeles”.
2022 MLS Cup Championship Rings
Baron | LAFC


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