Top 5 Highest Paid LAFC Players
Photo: Edward Figueroa

If you’re like me you’ve caught yourself watching a game wondering how much your favorite LAFC player gets paid. Well, we did some detective work and looked up some LAFC player salaries to put together a list of the top 5 highest paid players on the club.

  1. Vela – $6,292,500.00
  2. Rossi – $1,052,000.08
  3. Diomande – $934,999.96
  4. Feilhaber – $625,000.00
  5. Nguyen – $500,000.00

What do you think of the list? Any surprises here? Let us know your thoughts below.

As a note, André Horta was not on the list – so there is a chance he could currently crack the top 5. 

All salary information was pulled from here.

Photo courtesy of Edward Figueroa (@ovoeddi)


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