LAFC Foundation And Kellyn Acosta Foundation Grant Nicks Kids Soccer Program

Nicks Kids Soccer Program

Nicks Kids Soccer Program in Watts receives funding

On Wednesday, the Nicks Kids Soccer Program in Watts was presented with a grant from the LAFC Foundation and the Kellyn Acosta Foundation. The money will be utilized to build the community soccer field renovation at 109th St. Recreational Park.

“It is great to be at the Nick’s Kids’ Soccer Field in Watts and meet all of the youth players in the Nicks Kids Soccer Program,” said Kellyn Acosta. “I’m excited to partner with the LAFC Foundation and work together with this community to be a force for good in Watts to help provide a safe space for kids to play.”

LAFC midfielder Kellyn Acosta visited the youth program on Wednesday and the renovations are scheduled to finish by Summer 2023. Both the LAFC and Kellyn Acosta Foundations will fund the project to provide new turf for the community soccer field at 109th St. Recreational Park, as well as support future soccer and health and wellness programs.

Nicks Kids Soccer

The foundation by Kellyn Acosta is a platform to make a good social influence on the community. It aims to support those who are underprivileged or handicapped via soccer and education. The LAFC Foundation supports local organizations and partners with the tools and resources they need to succeed off the field.

The well-being of the youth is the main goal of Nicks Kids Soccer. Every child in the program can benefit from the initiative’s focus on giving participants the skills to communicate effectively and surround themselves with supportive adults and environments to ensure a bright future.


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