MLS and LAFC Celebrate Earth Day With 5th Annual Greener Goals Week Of Service

MLS and LAFC Celebrate Earth Day

In a commitment of addressing carbon footprints, MLS and LAFC celebrate Earth Day

For the first time since 2019, MLS and LAFC celebrate Earth Day with league-wide activities to raise awareness about environmental challenges in the soccer community. Together, they participated in the 5th Annual Greener Goals Week of Service to reduce non-renewable energy use and help offset emissions associated with League and Club travel for the regular season, the playoffs, and the MLS Cup.

MLS is investing in carbon credits to reduce damaging CO2 emissions and provide substantial, high-value conservation advantages to both domestic and international communities. According to the MLS’ carbon credit partner South Pole, MLS has helped reduce more than 28,000 tons of CO2 since 2018 through its travel which includes airfare, accommodations, and ground transportation.

Through a partnership with South Pole and Sport and Sustainability International, these carbon credits have helped reduce more than 1,250,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually on average since 2018. More than 4,400 emissions-reducing cookstoves were distributed among communities in Kenya and Zambia, along with the Envira Tropical Forest Conservation project in Brazil’s Amazon basin which protects over 97,000 acres of tropical forests.

Working with the environmental charity non-profit organization One Tree Planted, MLS has supported reforestation projects and planted 27,000 trees throughout the nation since 2021. This year for the 5th Annual Greener Goals Week of Service, they will also plant one tree for each tweet that tags @MLSWORKS and includes the #GreenerGoals hashtag for 1,000 trees per MLS club and with a total of up to 28,000 trees.

On April 16, LAFC partnered with LA Works and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (PVPLC) to offer a day of service by gathering at the Abalone Cove Reserve to help care for the local land. The MLS and LAFC celebrate Earth Day by planting native shrubs, pulling weeds, and restoring habitats for local wildlife. This would aid in the preservation of the Southern California coastline’s natural state as a location for everyone to enjoy.

As MLS and LAFC Celebrate Earth Day, they hope to inspire MLS clubs, players, partners, and fans to give back to their communities and improve environmental awareness. For more information on tips for sustainability and the 5th Annual Greener Goals Week of Service, visit or follow @MLSWORKS on Twitter and Instagram.


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