LAFC Reveals New Futsal Court At Bakersifeld’s Standard Middle School

LAFC Reveals New Futsal Court

Alongside LAFC Foundation and Chevron, LAFC reveals new futsal court

In partnership with the LAFC Foundation and Chevron U.S.A. Inc. (Chevron), LAFC reveals new futsal court at Baskersfield’s Standard Middle School. This marks the second futsal court in Bakersfield that was completed by Chevron in collaboration with LAFC and the LAFC Foundation, and the fourth overall.

“LAFC and the LAFC Foundation are proud to continue to be a Force For Good in the community alongside Chevron,” said LAFC Co-President and CBO Larry Freedman. “The opportunity to have access to safe spaces to play can be truly transformational for students and young athletes, and together with Chevron we look forward to providing greater access to the world’s game in communities throughout Southern California.”

As LAFC reveals new futsal court at Bakersfield’s Standard Middle School, they will help expand the school’s physical fitness and free play programs during regular school hours, as well as further options for after school. In addition to the court, the school also received a $10,000 grant with upgraded equipment and supplies for soccer.

”We are proud to partner with LAFC on the futsal refurbishment at Standard Middle School,” said Jenny Macintosh, Chevron’s Soccer Sports Program Manager. “Our partnership with LAFC continues to give local youth a safe and revitalized place to play soccer, and supports their growth both on and off the field.”


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