LAFC Increases Efforts To Keep LAFC Community Safe For All Fans

LAFC community safe for all

Teaming up with Pride Republic, LAFC aims to keep the LAFC community safe for all

The Black & Gold have taken steps to add new measures to help fans and the LAFC community safe for all. The Club has partnered with LGBTQ fan group Pride Republic along with LAFC’s largest official fan group, The 3252 Independent Supporters Union. Together, they hope to reduce and even eliminate the use of anti-gay slurs and chants at Banc of California Stadium.

Increased efforts with heightened security and staff, ejections, and bans are all part of the plan. These organizations have collaborated before to take action against anti-gay slurs screamed by fans around the world. LAFC is taking initiative once again to eradicate the slurs from Banc of California Stadium.

As we head toward the new 2022 season, the Los Angeles FC is stepping up its efforts to make the LAFC community safe for all fans. There will be zero tolerance for the use of the offensive chant at Banc of California Stadium. The new restrictions will be implemented during the team’s inaugural season opener against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday, February 26.

“The vision and mission for LAFC has always been to create a Club where every member of our community feels welcome,” stated LAFC Co-President and CBO Larry Freedman. “Since the Club’s inception, we worked to create an inclusive environment, and will continue to take the steps necessary to eliminate the chant from our stadium. We believe these new measures will help eliminate negative and hateful language during matches and together with the efforts of the Pride Republic and The 3252 and support of community organizations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center, will help ensure the fan experience in our stadium makes everyone feel they belong and are welcome.”

LAFC recently updated their fan code of conduct video, reiterating the club’s commitment to provide an inclusive environment at the stadium making the LAFC community safe for all fans, as well as reinforce their zero-tolerance policy for offensive language. Before and during all home matches, the video reel will be shown throughout the stadium.

Together with The Pride Republic, The 3252, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, LAFC hopes to achieve the goal to make the LAFC community safe for all. Everyone who attends a game is entitled to enjoy a safe experience that’s free of homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism.

“The 3252 believes that all should feel welcome, safe and included while enjoying the world’s game,” stated The 3252 President, KC Garcia. “The chant discriminates against members of our community and goes against the morals and ideals we pride ourselves on. That chant has no place in our stadium.”


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